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Fabrimet: manufactures steel transmission towers since 1960

Steel lattice

Fabrimet specializes in manufacturing steel lattice high voltage transmission towers from steel guyed lattice towers to self-supporting up to 765Kv according to customer needs.

structure foundations

Fabrimet lattice structure foundations are renowned for their resistance, no matter the conditions.

steel structures

The H-Frame steel structures manufactured by Fabrimet meet the various electric distributors requirements.

tubular towers

Fabrimet designs and manufactures guyed-Y tubular towers according to customer demands.

steel structures

Tubular steel structures produced by Fabrimet correspond to the high criteria required by the electric distribution industry.

Transmission tower
screws and bolts

Fabrimet with its large inventory quickly supplies hardware to numerous energy companies with bolts, nuts, washers, etc. for their lattice needs.

Lattice structure

Fabrimet manufactures extension bars, lifting beams, counterweights and any other hardware necessary for your structures/towers projects.