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Advantages of Lattice Towers

Design and detailling of latticed tower
Design and detailling

  • The capacity of latticed tower members and connections can be described by relatively simple formulae.
  • Modeling and design is relatively easy.
  • Deflection of guyed lattices towers will be much higher as compared to self supported towers and monopoles.
  • The dynamic overall behaviour of lattice towers is ideal for wind turbines.
  • The configuration of latticed towers can be easily adjusted to accommodate several electric circuits and various types of conductor configurations.

Design and detailling of latticed tower
Tower cost and fabrication

  • Monopoles are generally more costly than lattice angle towers due to higher cost of plates.
  • Monopole requires specialized plate bending machine with high capital cost.
  • Lattice towers using angle sections are very easy to fabricate with quick factory setup.
  • The thickness of monopole plate increases rapidly with tower height and loads.
  • Galvanization of monopole sections are much difficult than angle sections.

Lattice angle sections transportation

  • Lattice angle sections can be bundled as per available capacity of trucks and hence easy to transport.
  • Sizes and weights of tower members to be transported are less when compared with tubular steel poles.

Erection of lattice towers

  • Extremely flexible scheduling on a building site, with many jobs of work performed parallel.
  • Erection of lattice towers can be carried out using gin poles or floating derricks where crane erection is not possible.

The lattice structure

  • The lattice structure is highly transparent so that it has a lesser effect on the landscape.
  • Optimum ecological balance thanks to the galvanized steel structure and small concrete foundations (savings in terms of raw materials; both tower and foundations can be recycled).