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Since the early 1960 we have been producing steel structures for transmission lines and substations. Fabrimet was begun as a division of GENERAL MFG. Co. Ltd., a company founded in 1942. In 1978 the division became an independant  company and has been operating under the name of FABRIMET inc. ever since. Fabrimet has specialized particularly in the fabrication of galvanized lattice steel towers for the electrical transmission industry.

Fabrimet has become one of the most modern and efficient producers of steel structures  in North America with a capacity in excess of 35,000 metric tonnes per year.

Fabrimet name is recognized by utilities and engineering firms alike for our quality steel products, on time delivery and trouble-free field erection.


The meeting of excellence, the quality and the effectiveness of the products and services are the principal concern of FABRIMET Inc. Our vast experience in this field of activity has become our seal of excellence.

Fabrimet Inc. is a responsible company which guarantees to its customers a product which meets its specified quality and delivery requirements.



Steel transmission tower

Other steel products

For all your needs in communication structures and electrical transmission structures, contact your steel transmission tower manufacturer in North America, Fabrimet.

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