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Guard rail and accessories

highway guardrail

Fabrimet Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing leader of guard rails and is a manufacturer and supplier since 1966. Fabrimet manufactures a complete product line of guard rails and safety accessories. The Fabrimet guard rail is easy to install, therefore eliminating the need for specialised labour. Also Fabrimet is proud of its reputation and thrives to maintain it thanks to their attention to detail. Constantly exploring new markets, Fabrimet Inc. can offer a guaranteed superior product by using its proven expertise and excellent service.

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highway w-beam

Highway guardrail products

Also known as Guide-rail or W-beam, Fabrimet guard rails are first quality product.

  • Highway gardrail barriers: Depending upon your site requirements, guardrail barriers can be easily configured for optimal performance and cost efficient.

  • Highway gardrail accessories
  • Highway gardrail beams: Fabrimet can manufacture custom shop curve guardrail beams with radii of 5 ft (1.5m) to 150 ft (45.7m)
  • Steel posts
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Highway guardrail applicable



NQ 3315-112

Safety guard - galvanized and corrugated steel sheet elements and accessories

OPSS 1504

Materiel specification for steel beam guide rail


Standard specification for corrugated steel sheet beam for highway guard rail
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